Remi Power Technology supply Genuine CUMMINS Connector spare parts made in China Cummins plants or imported from Cummins USA, OEM quality and hight quality aftermarket as complementary options. Genuine China CUMMINS Engine Parts made from DCEC, CCEC, XCEC, BFCEC, including: Z14,L9,D6.7,B6.2,D4.5,D4.0,ISD4.5,ISB5.9,ISD6.7,ISL8.9, ISL9. 5,ISZ13,QSB3.9,QSB4.5,QSB5.9,QSB6.7,QSC8.3,QSL8.9,QSZ13, 6BT5.9,6CT8.3,6LT8.9,X11,X12,X13,ISF2.8,ISF3.8,K19,M11,QSK19,K50,K38, N855,NT855,NTA855,QSK38,ISB 3.9,ISB 5.9,QSB 4.5,QSB 5.9,QSK60.

Connector Parts


Part No. Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No. Part Name Part No.
5266970F Cummins CONNECTION,EXHAUST OUTLE 5255539F Cummins CCEC Connector 3175206-20 Cummins connector 3033024-20
5267149F Cummins CONNECTION,EXHAUST OUTLET 5269544F Cummins CCEC Connector 3175528-20 Cummins connector 3034123-20
5254358F Cummins CONNECTION,OIL FILLER 5272440F Cummins CCEC Connector 3175688-20 Cummins connector 3034578-20
3100526-20 Cummins CONNECTION,OIL TRANSFER 4983279F Cummins CCEC Connector 3176713-20 Cummins connector 3036866-20
3100527-20 Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN 5265251F Cummins CCEC Connector 3177300-20 Cummins connector 3037657-20
3161771-20 Cummins CONNECTION,TUR OIL DRAIN 3287818F Cummins CCEC Connector 3177317-20 Cummins connector 3044888-20
3165676-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER INLET 5270241F Cummins CCEC Connector 3177368-20 Cummins connector 3049010-20
3165691-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER OUTLET 5263134F Cummins CCEC Connector 3178838-20 Cummins connector 3050898-20
3165790-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER OUTLET 5266888F Cummins CCEC Connector 3402038-20 Cummins connector 3051684-20
3165792-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5270266F Cummins CCEC Connector 3629438-20 Cummins connector 3054260-20
3165834-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5254518F Cummins CCEC Connector 3629505-20 Cummins connector 3056248-20
3165835-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5260318F Cummins CCEC Connector 3632942-20 Cummins connector 3059446-20
3165842-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5264341F Cummins CCEC Connector 3634693-20 Cummins connector 3061832-20
3165849-20 Cummins CONNECTION,WATER TRANSFE 5264343F Cummins CCEC Connector 3640685-20 Cummins connector 3063019-20
3165856-20 Cummins connector 3007701-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655393-20 Cummins connector 3063164-20
3165864-20 Cummins connector 3008755-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655394-20 Cummins connector 3064941-20
3165865-20 Cummins connector 3013295-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655968-20 Cummins connector 3067503-20
3165866-20 Cummins connector 3017115-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655969-20 Cummins connector 3067996-20
3165878-20 Cummins connector 3019621-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655970-20 Cummins connector 3069112-20
3170930-20 Cummins connector 3032872-20 Cummins CCEC Connector 3655973-20 Cummins connector 3070130-20
3883302-20 Cummins connector 3071061-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter C3595745 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 172473-20
3892255-20 Cummins connector 3080401-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter C3943670 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 180221-20
3896807-20 Cummins connector 3084828-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter C3969822 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 187317-20
3896809-20 Cummins connector 3085824-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter EC1300 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 201756-20
4913662-20 Cummins connector 3086040-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter C3972088 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 203848-20
4913702-20 Cummins connector 3095651-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter C4944021 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 203862-20
4913831-20 Cummins CONNECTOR, QUICK DISCONNECT 5259923F Cummins Connection,Adapter C4947373 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 214093-20
4913832-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,FEMALE 5283369F Cummins Connection,Adapter C4988385 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 215921-20
4913858-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 3932445F Cummins Connection,Adapter L355 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 405250-20
4913859-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 5269713F Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5266971F Cummins FITTING,ORIFICE 5256873F
4913978-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,MALE 5258063F Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5263383F Cummins SEAL,OIL 5265262F
4914125-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 3287433F Cummins CONNECTION,AIR TRANSFER 5269549F Cummins UNION,MALE 5283632F
S945-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 5265146F Cummins CONNECTION,EXH TRANSFER 5269620F Cummins UNION,MALE 4940183F
S969E-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 5265148F Cummins Connection,Adapter 3595745 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 121229-20
S988-20 Cummins CONNECTOR,QCK DISCONNECT 3974765F Cummins Connection,Adapter 3927816 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 124168-20
S10041-20 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 118346-20 Cummins Connection,Adapter 3965712 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 125398-20
3972088 Cummins Elbow, Mail Adapter 152547-20        

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