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  • Cummins Genuine Spare parts Warranty time Cummins Genuine Spare parts Warranty timeWarranty product:Cummins Genuine Spare partsThis warranty clause is applicable to those sold by China Cummins Factory , for use with  Cummins Engine and Generator Parts maintenance service.Basic warranty on new genuine partsThis warranty covers any failure of new parts not due to defects in materials or workmanship under normal use Service project
  • Cummins Engine Running hours Cummins Engine Running hoursCummins Engine Running hours depends o Engine maintenance schedule1. Daily maintenance inspection (A guarantee)2. Maintenance inspection every 250 hours or 6 months (B guarantee)3. Maintenance inspection every 1500 hours or 1 year (C guarantee)4.Maintenance inspection every 6000 hours or 2 years (C guarantee)Engine nameplate with Service project
  • Cummins Generator Repair And Maintenance Spare Parts Cummins Generator Repair And Maintenance Spare PartsCummins generators have been used for a long time, and failures will inevitably occur. At this time, users should carry out maintenance in time to avoid causing greater failures to the unit and causing economic losses.Our Company provide Cummins Generator Repair overhual parts like models QSK19-G QSK38-G K50-G KT50-G Service project
  • Weichai Engine Spare parts in China Weichai Engine Spare parts in ChinaWe are professional Weichai Engine parts supplier in China, and supply Genuine or original Weichai Engine spare parts ,Weichai engine,Generator power solutions made in China.Currently, Weichai Power in China has four series of engine products for land generation, including Chinese models WP4.1,WP4,WP6,WP7,WD10,WD12,WP10, WP12,WP13 high speed Center news
  • Cummins KTA38-M2 Main Engine Overhual parts Cummins KTA38-M2 Main Engine Overhual partsOur company can offer Cummins KTA38-M2 Maine main enigne overhual parts , these parts are 100% Genuine Cummins parts with original label&package for marine customer,which have higher requirements for quality.MAIN ENGINE CUMMINS KTA38-M MAIN ENGINE CUMMINS KTA38-M1 MAIN ENGINE CUMMINS KTA38-M2 Auxiliary Engine Cummins KTA38-DM Service project