Weichai Engine Spare parts in China

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Weichai Engine Spare parts in China

We are professional Weichai Engine parts supplier in China, and supply Genuine or original Weichai Engine spare parts ,Weichai engine,Generator power solutions made in China.

Currently, Weichai Power in China has four series of engine products for land generation, including Chinese models WP4.1,WP4,WP6,WP7,WD10,WD12,WP10, WP12,WP13 high speed engines.which are mainly used as the main engine and auxiliary engine of the high-speed ships and boats, passenger ship, and fishing boat and inland river transport ship.

Meanwhile, we can also offer services that adjust values and injectors of Weichai Diesel Generator . All Weichai Engine spare parts for Major overhauling are genuine quality.

If you want quickly get Weichai China engine spare parts catalog and price list ,pls contact our sales team.