Cummins Engine Running hours

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Cummins Engine Running hours

Cummins Engine Running hours depends o Engine maintenance schedule

1. Daily maintenance inspection (A guarantee)

2. Maintenance inspection every 250 hours or 6 months (B guarantee)

3. Maintenance inspection every 1500 hours or 1 year (C guarantee)

4.Maintenance inspection every 6000 hours or 2 years (C guarantee)

Engine nameplate with ESN number needed for our further checking . 

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Maintenance procedures

1. Compulsory maintenance: preventive maintenance, conditional repair, status inspection

2. Routine maintenance: inspection, cleaning, fastening and lubrication before, during and after each job

3. Regular maintenance: sub-level maintenance, secondary maintenance, etc.

4. First-level maintenance. 200-250H, fastening and sliding to replace the third filter

5. Secondary maintenance: 800-1000h. Check and adjust

6. Special maintenance: including run-in, season change, storage maintenance, etc.

7. Run-in maintenance: new machine or machine after overhaul

8. Seasonal maintenance: natural oil, lubricating oil, cooling fluid, electro-hydraulic replacement

9. Storage and maintenance: cleaning, anti-corrosion protection, charging, timing start


1. After the diesel generator runs for 50 hours for the first time, the engine oil and oil filter need to be replaced

2. The maintenance of diesel generators is calculated according to the running time.